Project marketing

Project marketing

"People do business with people they know or value professionally"

Lotus Group has been active in the real estate market in Tel Aviv and Israel for over a decade with hundreds of repeat and satisfied customers, a loyal and active customer base segmented according to the customer's needs and their maturity to execute a transaction today, based on this experience and personal acquaintance with our customers we will sell the project faster and more effectively. More.

Professionalism and integrity are the guidelines that guide us in making transactions, all the firm's clients trust and are confident that projects and apartments marketed by the firm have been thoroughly tested and offered with fair pricing and full confidence in the purchase process and entrepreneur.

Along with marketing and sales activities, we also perform due diligence on the project and the developer for our customers, as part of the service we provide to the buyers of the apartments in the projects, so that the Lotus project and developer exclusively enjoys a stamp of credibility and financial strength that facilitates transactions.

Each new project is prioritized and presented first to the company's customer base.